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Great job on the big PR!!! That sighting on the back stretch was damn near impossible with the sun, I just tried to keep following other people :) No wonder you were tired on the bike, you had a huge week!

Michelle Simmons

Awesome! I totally stole your picture and put it on my SEC FB page. ;)

Mary Tanner

Thank you for coming up to me! yay for Blogger friends. and yes we totally blew out after as we were going riding! See you soon I hope- You are always welcome down here too if you want. We have a one bedroom apartment in our house if you need a Traincation!


Great job! I totally knew what you were talking about with 'over the barrel', ha! Michelle-speak!


Great swim!!! And yes, new routes seem to take an eternity and I too hate to do them. My husband does new bike routes weekly..not me, I'm a stalkers dream!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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