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Oh man if I got a dollar every time I've stayed at a crappy JFK hotel I'd be able to afford a better one. Wait their aren't any.

Hope you are feeling better.

Running Blog

Hi Jennifer ,

To introduce myself I am a fellow blogger who has entered the UK IronMan that is taking place in two weeks time.

I Just wanted to drop you an email to say hi as I have been reading your blog over the past 8 months and have found your training posts especially useful as I have been trying to get into shape for my big race. I don's suppose you have any tips for a newbie to triathlon like me do you (the IronMan will only be my second tri ever!)

Give me an email if you ever need anything,

Kind Regards



man, I'm tired just reading it!! I know you must be glad to be home!!


Great job on your finish. I found your blog thgrouh IronWaddler's blog. I am seriously interested in this race for 2011. Any info on the course (either by e-mail or in your race report)would be greatly appreciated! I'm trying to get answers from a diverse range of people I know who have done the race: you as an under 30 yr. old; a 60+ male; and another woman in my age group who also lives in the area and is used to the terrain and climate. Also, was the weather typical for that time of year?

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